Welcome to the insane asylum!

Geeks United is an Alliance guild on the European World of Warcraft realm Quel’Thalas/Azjol-Nerub. Since the founding in 2007 our first and foremost goal has been to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for social and casual players and help each other advance in the game.

For those who wish to connect with their guild mates on a more personal level, we arrange yearly meet ups in real life. Many amazing friendships have grown out of those over the years.

Anything else that could be said about our guild is probably best summed up in our recruitment message:

You’re nerdy and/or geeky, and also often cheeky?
Raid every once in a while, and always wipe with style?
Your guild mates aren’t just others, but almost sisters/brothers?
Then come and get invited to our guild called Geeks United.