RL Summer Meet Up 2019

It was the month of July in the year of 2019, when Geeks from all over Europe travelled towards the otherwise barely noticed town of Farnham, Surrey, UK. Ferries, airplanes, long drives, nothing stopped these Geeks from obtaining their cookies!

After early arrivals on Thursday, the majority trickled in on Friday. Big thanks to Belajo and Ekofire for the constant taxi service, picking people up from train stations and airports left and right and hosting this amazing meet up.

Belajo and Ekofire, who were hosting the meet up this year

As happens with every meet up, we never seem to have everyone around at the same time, with some people leaving early, others arriving late and some only able to show up for a few hours, but we tried to get a proper group pic of as many people as we could gather at the same time.

Left to right: Queeg, Ekofire, Isseriya, Ysela, Shyshaman, Belajo, Barrenius, Tenaciousd, Gummibärchen, Gógógó, Nakarion

Unfortunately nobody took pictures of the amazing feasts Belajo and Ekofire prepared for us for breakfasts and lunches, but we did take pics at pubs, because apparently pub pics matter.

Left to right: Ekofire, Nakarion, Gummibärchen, Shyshaman, Gógógó, Ysela, Tenaciousd, Belajo

Fortunately some folks also snapped a few adorable portraits:

Nakarion and his new love Ruby
Mrs. Queeg, who was nice enough to take the group picture above.
Gógógó see him GO GO GO!
Belajo enjoying some of the BBQ she cooked for us.
Isseriya, the spreader of evil colds!
Ysela, preparing to record an epic video (you will see soon!)
Nakarion being so photogenic, we had to portrait him twice.
Shyshaman as living evidence that you CAN get sunburned in the UK.
Look at the camera, everyone!
What may seem like a perfectly normal picture into Belajo’s garden on first glance is actually evidence that her windows were too clean. The slightly smudged bit you see? The imprint Gógógó left on her door when trying to walk right through it.

And last but not least, the long overdue slap, 2 years in the making, finally happened.

Once again, thanks to our amazing hosts Belajo and Ekofire. You two went out of your way to make this meet up absolutely epic. <3

News, so many news!

Guild Meeting News!

Your benevolent dictator basically forgot to post the meeting minutes, and a lot of what was discussed is now public knowledge and past tense anyway, so I will sum up the points raised in the meeting in this overall newspost.

Raid News!

Yes, the collab with Alacrity has ended. While we all enjoyed the experience, it was time for our guilds to go separate ways again, for various different reasons. In the long run both our guilds got benefits from the collab, and it is now time to see how well we can stand on our own again.

For that purpose we have decided to split our raids up into social and progress raids. Wednesdays was always the preferred social raid day, and we are reinstating it. Geeks and friends, anyone with the appropriate ilvl, DBM, and Discord can join us and learn to raid, try out for our progress team, or simply give guildies a hand that would otherwise probably not get a chance to raid. If nothing else, we can all use the runes in the guild bank. [insert massive amounts of wink smiley faces here]

Our progress team has two days a week, Thursday and Sunday, but is currently a bit on the low number side. If only a few of us can not sign up, we may still have to cancel raids, and we are trying to bolster the team to have enough people to make up for others missing now and then. We do however have much stricter requirements now to join progress. The minimum ilvl is of course higher, but we also expect you to come prepared. That means if you want to kill a boss with us on heroic, you should have also killed that boss on normal first. You can do so in our social raids. We expect you to know basic tactics for your role for the boss, and a solid knowledge of your own class/spec. If you are a healer/tank you may be expected to play a DPS off spec or alt at times, depending on the team’s composition, while still being able to carry your own weight.

Facebook/Discord/Teamspeak News!

While our Facebook group is a very active and much used one, recent repeated data leaks and scandals concerning Facebook have pushed me to the decision to shut down our Facebook group. Since we do not completely wish to deprive the guild of their social media, we have after careful consideration chosen to move our activity to Discord. The various chat channels on Discord can be used very much like a Facebook group, and so far they have been rather active.

With Discord of course also comes the voice chat, which automatically comes with a nice ingame overlay (which you can turn off in your own settings if you so wish), and a whole variety of options to interact with your guildies inside or outside of the game. We’ve been using Discord regularly in the collab raid with Alacrity for some time, and those who repeatedly requested for us to move to Discord seem to finally get their wish.

For the time being we will keep our Teamspeak server active, simply because we want to keep our options open regarding voice chat for a bit longer. It just seems like people are taking to Discord rather well. There may be a time in the future when we decide the Teamspeak server has become obsolete, but we will announce that well ahead of time.

As for the Facebook group: I have set a deadline until after the guild meetup at Jo’s house. After that, the FB group will be shut down for good

RL Meet Up News!

There are posts by Jo in the Facebook group as well as in the Discord channel specifically created for the meet up. Please communicate via the appropriate Discord channel to Jo whether you will attend no later than May 30th.

New Officer News!

Welcome Neatrix to the team of officers. She has already been guiding people through lower key mythics for a while, and she now joined the officer team to work on getting people mythic+ ready together with Arktulfy.

Quote of the month:

I will go to the zoo and shave a panda, if I have to.

Gummibärchen, Discord, April of 2019

Tutorial: How to use our various chat channels

Why do we have different channels to begin with?

In a guild our size you will always find people with a whole variety of different interests. During peak hours all of it showed on guild chat, and quite often people would miss out on things there due to chat scrolling up too quickly. The easiest way to handle this issue is to split chat into different interest groups, hence the various different channels. Aside from regular guild chat you now have a separate chat for mythic+, for raiding and for social events and leveling to get in touch with other people who want to experience the same content you do.

Do I have to read all those different chats now?

Absolutely not. You can participate in as few or as many channels as you like. Just pick the ones that interest you. You also don’t have to read them every day. Do you only want to run spontaneous mythic+ on Wednesday evenings? Then only check the m+ channel on Wednesday. You want to run mythic+ whenever you get the chance? Then add the channel to your general tab to keep track of it live, so you can jump at any key that is posted.

Where do I find those channels?

Click on Guild & Communities in your game menu or press J on your keyboard.

Guild & Communities (J)

Choose the channel you want to see in the dropdown menu.

Guild dropdown menu

How do I add them to my general chat or a new chat window?

You can use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the chat channel to add it to your general chat or put it in a new window.

Chat Window dropdown menu

Why are those channels not as active as guild chat?

Because they are used for specific purposes. They function like a mix of chat channel and message board, so you can organise spontaneous events, or find a group to plan an event with. Having a chat history, you can even scroll back and see if anyone is interested in content you want to run, and even if they are not online now, you can respond to them so maybe they will see it later.

We want people to keep unrelated chatter to a minimum in those channels, so that people do not have to scroll through all of that just to find a group for content. Just because you do not get an immediate response in those channels it doesn’t mean you will not get one at all.

I have more questions that were not answered here.

Then contact Gummibärchen in game and ask.

Guild Meeting Notes January 20th 2019



Our collab with Alacrity has worked out well for the benefit of all of us in Uldir. Together we did manage to clear Uldir on heroic more than once and even killed the first boss on mythic. Because it worked out so well for both our guilds, we have decided to continue the collab into the new raid. We will start on normal, but eventually will aim for heroic. While still running normal, the social raiders will join us on Thursday, while on Sunday we progress with those who are capable of pushing further. As before, we will expect you to be there on Thursday if you want to join on Sunday, unless you have a good reason not to attend.


Our social raid day will now be Thursday and it will happen in collaboration with Alacrity while we are still on normal. Once the collab team hits heroic, we may implement an additional raid day for normal, either for continued social non-heroic raiding, or for progress raiders to gear up their alts. People who raid both on Thursday and Sunday have no obligation to be there, but chances are many will join up anyway, be it to help out or to gear up an alt.


Raid Time:
Thursday and Sunday, 20:30 server time. Be ready for invites 15 minutes ahead of raid time.

Raid Requirements for Thursday:
Minimum ilvl of 370 (if you are not geared enough yet but want to raid, talk to one of the officers about how to gear you up).
Discord App, since Alacrity can’t seem to get warmed up with Teamspeak. Please install the actual app, not the browser plugin.

Raid Requirements for Sunday:
Must have been there on Thursday unless previously excused. Whether you can join or not depends on your performance on Thursday and the group composition we are dealing with, after all we do want to progress. People may have to take turns, depending on the roles we have to fill


New Officers

As a guild, we have repeatedly tried to find ways to coordinate our m+ keys in a way that is satisfying for everyone. However, between the officers we had so far, nobody was available enough to take over such a coordination. This time around we grabbed the bull by the horn, and appointed the two people to officers, who already did coordinate runs in the guild to the best of their abilities. So please welcome Arktulfy and Saintgeorge to the officer team. Those two (He) will be your primary contacts when it comes to anything regarding mythic+ guild runs.

Up until now their organising m+ runs consisted of a lot of whispers back and forth. While Saintgeorge took on people geared and experienced enough to run higher keys and push them even higher, Arktulfy often took on people with lower keys and less experience, teaching tactics, both for the dungeons themselves as well as the affixes. Many people in the guild benefited from both their efforts already, but we felt we could give them the tools to help even more.

New Ways

Those of you who have been at the guild meeting tried it out live, but those who have not been there, here is something we implemented for people who are interested in running mythic+ with their guildies:

If you go to your guilds&communities tab, where you normally see guild chat, you will now find a dropdown above the guild chat that lets you select from additional guild chat channels. One of them is called Mythic+. This is the channel you want to pay attention to. If you want to run your key with guildies, post it up in the chat there including your requirements.


  • Gummibärchen: [Keystone: The MOTHERLODE!! (8)]. Need tank, 3 DPS. Willing to donate key to practice run. Only available in the early evening except on raid days.
  • Saintgeorge: [Keystone: Atal’Dazar (13)]. Have healer (Gummibärchen), have 2 DPS (Eresadene, Gambinx), need DPS, minimum DPS output 10k, want to push +1 minimum. Want to run within the next 2 hours. Will pug if I find nobody else by then.
  • Felida: [Keystone: The Underrot (2)]. Need tank, healer, 2 DPS. Got key by guildies boosting me through mythic. Will need patience learning to play my mage. This is a practice key. Available whenever I am online, will only run in full guild group.

The more details you give us, the better we can help you find groups for your keys that will work out well for you and everyone else involved. Those of you who post keys in that chat, please be so kind and also post when those keys are no longer available. Found your group? Nailed it? Failed it? Say so in chat.

See a key you like? Voice your interest in the chat, so everyone knows you are willing to take a spot. If you have time restrictions, now is the perfect time to voice them.

Do keep random chit chat in the actual guild chat, please. That is where the social interaction is going on, while people focussing on this channel are looking for people to run stuff with.

You can also select in the drop down below the chat if you want it to be displayed in your regular chat window or not. That way you can choose to jump at any key chance you get (I know some of you will), or you choose to only pay attention to keys at certain times you are willing to run by simply opening the guild&community tab and checking if anyone is posting keys at the time.

New Days

There will be keys that are more social, and keys that are more progress oriented. Our two new officers will set up two new main days on which we will focus on certain types of keys, if you wish to do them on a set day rather than spontaneously within the group. Some of us like to be able to plan ahead.

At this point it looks like Wednesday, now that it is no longer our social raid day, will come in quite handy to people who want to push higher keys. It also seems that Tuesdays have so far been the days more favoured by people running keys on a social level only in a guild group, if at all. Neither of these two days is set in stone, so we will be quite flexible when it comes to what our guildies need. For the most part we do hope that the new chats will help you run most of the content you want to run with guildies. For those who still prefer set days, we will set up events, but we have to check with all those interested, which days would get the most traffic

Social Events & Levelling

Social Events

Belajo recently created a social event on a Friday, because she had a few holes in her achievement blanket that needed fixing. Instead of going out and soloing all those (some of which you can’t solo due to mechanics), she took along a very happy group of guildies, who managed to work together to get all but one achievement on the list done for all who still needed them.

We have often been asked for runs like that, be it old achievement runs, farming for transmog together, farming for mounts, but it is hard for us to find out what type of social runs we can get people for. So we need your input, and the new social events & levelling chat is how we get it.

It very much looks like Fridays are an ideal day for that event, so our Friday will be reserved for social events of whatever sort. We will not have a guaranteed event each Friday, it all depends on your input and the overall interest within the guild, but if your suggestions find enough resonance, chances are we will make it happen.


We have recently noticed some of you actually organising yourselves levelling up alts together, and we encourage that. To make it easier for you to organise your levelling sessions, we have decided to invite you to also join the social events & levelling chat. After all, chat has history, and while you may have missed that person in your level range asking for a dungeon partner by an hour, maybe you see them online tomorrow and can arrange a few dungeons together then, or you may find that some guildies at high level are doing your level content for achievements, and are willing to boost you through along the way.

The Chat

What is this chat you keep reading about?

If you go to your guilds&communities tab, where you normally see guild chat, you will now find a dropdown above the guild chat that lets you select from additional guild chat channels.

This news post, further up under Mythic+, New Ways

The one you are looking for is called Social Events and Levelling. In there people can request groups for achievement raids and dungeons, levelling partners and everything in between. And if we see enough people requesting the same content, we will help coordinate it.

Guild Bank

We have designated crafters for every profession, so please do not donate crafted items unless previously discussed with an officer. We very much prefer you donate the raw material. If you need anything crafted that you can not find in the guild bank already, please speak to one of the officers, and we will make sure our designated crafter will help you out.

Please do not shy away from reading the guild bank tab descriptions to know our rules about donating and withdrawing from the guild bank. And in case you want to donate, we are currently very happy about any herbs or enchanting mats (BfA only).


Saintgeorge voiced that he does not feel he is cut out to be an officer after all, and asked to be demoted again.

End of Year Giveaway

Hello Guildies!

Yes, you read this correctly. There is an end of year giveaway! Our beloved Lurch is donating game time (3 months and 1 month), and we also have some pets and toys to give out.

How do you get your hands on those? Well, you can not sign up yourself. Instead, here is how it will go:

Send an ingame mail to Gummibärchen-QuelThalas and nominate a guildie you think deserves to win, along with a reason for your nomination. Please do not nominate any of the officers, since we are not participating ourselves.

Your nominations should arrive no later than 8pm server time on December 30th 2018. The officers will then vote on the people nominated to determine the winner.

Go forth and nominate!

RL Meet Up Diary Winter 2018

Friday, the 14th of December 2018

Today is the day! I get up early, because the first of my guildies are supposed to arrive some time in the morning. I am dressed, caffeinated, ready for my doorbell to ring at any moment. But then the shocking news: Vince and Michelle missed their plane. They show amazing dedication to the guild by spontaneously deciding to drive instead. From London, via the Eurotunnel, through Belgium, all the way to my location in Germany. Guess they won’t be arriving first after all.

While they are still on the road, Liz and her daughter arrive in the early evening, Jo shortly after. We have burgers and sandwiches, then we take them to their hotels to check in. Vince and Michelle are still on the road, while the rest of us meet up again for cocktails, and they don’t arrive until midnight.

Saturday, the 15th of December 2018

We plan on meeting up for lunch, but getting everyone grouped up is just like raiding and takes a while. Ah well, coffee and tea in the meantime.

Finally everyone is gathered up, and we head over to my favourite Turkish restaurant. Feast, anyone?

After having stuffed our faces, we all have a bit of a break until the early evening, when we meet up for the Mannheim Christmas Market, joined by Philip, my daughters and my grandson. The market is packed, and moving is more difficult than orb carrying at G’huun. Against all odds we do manage to find Indi and Tut in the crowd, who drove here after Indi finished working. I take them to their hotel, and then it is time for karaoke night, while Liz’s daugther spends the night with my daughter and grandson. Babysitter service brought to you by Geeks United. 😉

Indi and Tut have a little involuntary scenic tour of all of Mannheim city centre on the quest to find their hotel. The most resilient of us last until 1:30 in the morning before heading to our homes/hotels.

Sunday, the 16th of December

We agreed to meet up in the early afternoon to go to Heidelberg. While I have my morning coffee, the Facebook chat becomes active. Vince and Michelle have somehow “accidentally” made it to Heidelberg while trying to find a place for breakfast. Seems they found a good one.

Indi and Tut follow suit and drive over to Heidelberg. I am still having my morning coffee, when I see that Jo jumped on a train to Heidelberg as well. Damn it guildies, pulling early is no fun! Liz comes over to my house, and we wait for my daughter to drop off Liz’s daughter, so that we can join the others in Heidelberg, but it takes a while. Fred doesn’t feel too well, so he is staying home.

While Liz, Shelby and I head over to Heidelberg, the rest of the gang takes the cable car up to the top of the mountain to enjoy a view of fog. We finally meet up at the Heidelberg castle. Unfortunately Michelle and Vince have to leave again shortly after, having to drive all the way back to the UK to be back in time for work on Monday. The rest of us enjoy looking at the castle.

After we get back down into old town Heidelberg we have some fantastic dinner, then it is time for Indi and Tut to leave us as well. Liz, Shelby and Jo come to my house, where we hang out a little longer before Jo heads back to the hotel. Liz and Shelby will sleep on my couch tonight.

Monday, the 17th of December 2018

Liz, Shelby and Jo leave early Monday morning, and I am left to write this news post. I enjoyed this meet up a lot, even if I wish I had had more time to spend with everyone. A weekend just never seems enough time somehow, and I am already looking forward to the summer 2019 meet up at Jo’s house. On that note, if you do want to join that one, get in touch with Jo sooner rather than later.

Oh, and…
“Come to the dark side, we have cookies!”
We mean it!

Birthday Reflections of the Queen Bee

Hello Guildies,

As most of you know, I just celebrated my 45th birthday. It definitely won’t come as a surprise to those of you, who celebrated with me on teamspeak. There were also those of you who gave me presents, both in and out of game, and I thank you all sincerely. My birthday was spent with a big smile on my face.

At midnight my time I received birthday songs in multiple languages from many of you. Not many people are blessed with an international choir celebrating their 45th birthday.

Some people may think it a bit weird, to actually want to spend your birthday at home, without visitors, on teamspeak, but I don’t find it weird at all. For the last 11 years of the total 45, this guild has been a constant factor of joy for me, and that is thanks to the people in it. It only felt natural to want to spend my birthday with the very people that I spend a substantial amount of my fun time with, whether you are those that were already around 11 years ago, or the fresh folks I am slowly getting to know properly.

I have learned so much in those past 11 years. About people, about group dynamics, about organising, about leading, but most of all about myself. I have grown older with this guild, and also wiser. I have grown cockier and less patient, but I’ve earned that with you all. 😉

I have met many of you in person over the last years, and I can say my birthday was spent in the happy company of dear friends. With good wine, great cake, song and laughter.

Of course having a partner who is willing to talk to you (and others) via teamspeak, while sitting next to you, and who understands perfectly why this is a good party, helps. After all, he brought cake and wine. 😉

Can’t wait to see some of you crazy folks at the December meet up. <3

Anyway, enough ramblings from the old woman. Go gear up you all, we have bosses to kill.

Guild Meeting Notes September 2nd 2018

First of all, let me say that the amount of people attending made me incredibly happy, and I do hope the introduction round helped everyone get a better idea of who they are playing with. While some of us have already known each other for a long time and even met in real life during our yearly guild meet ups, it was fantastic to see so many of the newer folks show up as well and get to know a bit more about them.

Now on to the topics we discussed.


We decided to switch our one day a week free for all 3 hour raid to a 2 hours on 2 days system, which will be split up as follows:

Wednesdays: Social Raid
Everyone with the appropriate ilvl can sign up, provided they can be on Teamspeak. We will try to progress into the current raid content much the way we have in the past, with tactics being explained and attempting to carry those who are yet not quite able to carry their own weight. In the beginning we will not have a lot of carrying power, so do not be disappointed if we do not get that far. This should change for the better as we gear up.

Sundays: Progress Raid
Those of us who are able to carry their own weight and are more focussed on advancing in the content will continue the Wednesday raid, but will not take people along who can not carry their own weight, in order to progress further. Stricter rules will apply, and we will not go out of our way to explain tactics. Instead we expect those who attend to come prepared and willing to focus solely on our progress. We will however expect those who want to progress with us on Sundays to also help lay the groundwork on Wednesdays, unless they are prevented from doing so by real life events.

Since we only raid for two hours per raid day now, we decided to move the starting time to 8:30pm server time, with the raids ending at 10:30pm.

Note: If you do need enchants or gems for your gear before the raid, please do not wait until the last minute. Contact an officer at least 30 minutes before raid time to get your gear in order.

Mythic Dungeons/Mythic+

So far we organised one guild event to arrange teams for mythic dungeons, and on that day had 4 groups running simultaneously. Aside from that it became quite clear quite fast, that people who are looking to run mythic dungeons have trouble finding guild groups, be it due to different online times or people already being locked to them after pugging.

The guild event seemed to be quite a success and overall more satisfying, so we have decided to continue arranging mythic runs for guild groups on set days. To run in those arranged groups we will require you to be on teamspeak. We will try to sort you into groups that are well balanced for the content, so do not be shy to check your calendar regularly and sign up.

Heroic/normal dungeons

There was some demand for guild arranged normal/heroic dungeons for our more casual guildies who are not quite ready for mythics yet, but feel uncomfortable running in pug groups, so we have decided to also create guild events for normal and heroic content. We do expect you to be on teamspeak for those events, and we will assign at least one experienced person to each group to guide those with less experience through for a smooth and easy run that will teach everyone tactics for future mythic runs.

Guild Bank

As some oldies in the guild may have noticed, we changed the guild bank system around a bit. We now have one tab for deposits and one for self withdrawals. All other tabs are only accessible by officers, and if you need anything from those, you should ask an officer to get the items of your desire out for you. This measure unfortunately was necessary for various reasons, the worst being people taking items from the guild bank to sell them off at the auction house.

We did remind everyone to please read the guild bank tab descriptions. Tab1 is regularly updated to list what we need as far as donations go. All other tabs give info on what is in them and under which circumstances you will be entitled to withdraw/request items.

We also asked what people require more of in tab2, and it was mentioned that more healing potions  would be appreciated. In order to keep them readily available a steady donation of herbs would be very welcome. Not only do we need them for the flasks we currently produce for future raiding and mythic+ runs, we also need them to make the ink that then gets turned into the reputation contracts that are in rather high demand.

At this point we are working on gathering enough enchanting mats to provide everyone with weapon enchants for raiding. Unfortunately the crystals we need are only disenchanted from purple items, and the only solution to get a lot of them to our enchanters is to craft items, which means we will need plenty of cloth and skinned goodies, since we already spent 500k on enchanting mats just to provide the guild with the enchants currently available in the guild bank.


Our guild has designated guild crafters, and most of our crafting skills are maxed out already, so our crafters are supplying the guild bank with goods steadily. We will not keep any gear in the guild bank, since crafted gear above ilvl 310 is BoP, and you will quickly get much better gear running dungeons with your guildies and doing world quests. However, if you are looking for a crafted item you can not find in the guild bank, you can easily see the professions of your guildies via the guild tab. Just sort by profession and browse through the list of goodies your guildies can provide.

Liz has suggested an addon called FasterLoot for gathering professions and says it changed her life. I personally haven’t checked it out yet, but Liz swears it will make our gathering life much better, so I will check that addon out soon, and perhaps so should all you other gatherers.

All those questions

After going berserk on guild chat at least twice I personally felt the need to discuss how to approach having questions in game. I do receive whispers from various people daily, and while a lot of them are perfectly validly addressed to me, there are also those whispers asking questions that already are answered elsewhere. If you have a question about the game itself, quests, your class, your spec, your rotation, chances are that one of the links provided on this very website will answer all your questions and then some. If you really can not find any info on wowhead or icyveins, do ask on guild chat before sending me whispers. While I do love to help out and also love the occasional chat, this is the beginning of a new expansion, and much like everyone else I really just want to play right now, which I can’t if I have a bazillion whispers to answer that could have easily been answered by opening a browser and looking at our guild website.

Social stuff

While I am fully aware that we have people who do love to throw some playful banter at each other, please be aware that there are people who may not appreciate being bantered with, or who will not identify your playfulness as such. Do respect the boundaries of people in that regard. And if someone asks a genuine question regarding content on guild chat, please give them a valid answer or no answer at all, because a mean answer is often not appropriate, even if you find it entertaining. A little kindness can go a long way.

Guild events

I’d like to “thank” Blizzard for taking away the GMs option to set which rank has permission to create guild events.

It may not be an issue in a tiny guild if everyone can create guild events, but in a guild our size it can quickly clutter the guild calendar and clash with regular events, so while we are okay with you creating a guild event to celebrate your birthday with your guildies, when it comes to ingame activities such as dungeons, raids (even old ones) or any other ingame content, please do coordinate your event with an officer before putting it in the calendar, else we will have to delete it.

December real life meet up

Since some people who really wanted to attend this summer’s meet up couldn’t due to real life schedules, we have decided to hold another meet up in December.

Mannheim, Germany
December 14th to December 17th, with the 15th and 16th being the core days.
You will have to stay at a hotel/B&B/hostel this time, since we have no space to host a crowd. However, we can probably get group rates, provided enough people want to come. So do get in touch with me (Tanja) asap, if you are sure you can make it that weekend.
Karaoke, Escape Rooms, Christmas Markets


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, gave their input and feedback, got over their shyness to introduce themselves. As always, if I forgot anything, do poke me so I can add it to this post.

Love and hugs,


Guild Meeting Notes August 10th 2018

New Officer

Due to the increased number of guildies lately (our member count is now over 900), and Rachael leaving for a different server to join old friends, we decided the promotion of another officer was due. Our choice fell on Annie, known mostly as Ekofire in game. We also recently added Jenny to our ranks, due to the increase in members and the need for active officers.

The current list of officers is thus:
Tanja, Innes, Harry, Håvard, Fred, Jo, Kev, Indi, Liz, Lorenz, Jason, Lurch, Annie, Jenny

Guild Bank

We have decided to put the guild bank on lockdown at the start of BfA. This means that nobody except officers can withdraw items, however, if you need anything from the guild bank, you can always contact an officer to get things out for you. It will be at the officer’s discretion to give out items.
The reason for this is, that in the beginning of BfA we will be quite short on mats, and while we will craft for the guild, we want to make sure that the items we put in the guild bank also get used for the guild. Over the past months we had several instances of people taking things from the guild bank either to sell on the auction house or to equip characters they had in other guilds. The people we caught doing so are no longer in the guild now, but with BfA mats being expensive in the beginning, we want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
As we stock up, we will eventually open the guild bank tabs up for withdrawals by members again, so please be patient. The more donations in crafting materials the guild bank receives, the faster we will be able again to supply you all fully without having to ration, so freely donate any BfA materials to the guild bank as you see fit. We will especially need herbs, ore, meat, fish and gems to provide for all our usual raid and mythic+ buffs asap. We will also appreciate any donations of True Iron Ore and Sumptuous Fur (WoD mats) to provide everyone with a steady supply of Goblin Glider Kits until we can fly in BfA.

Picking Your Main

For those of you who wish to raid with us in BfA it is essential to make a choice which toon you will main as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we only have two tank spots per raid, and those are already taken, so if you choose to play tank as your main spec, you may only get to tank when one of our regular tanks is not available. With the increase in raiders the last weeks we may need one or two more people maining a healer spec, but please do not count on that, so be prepared to play DPS off spec.


We will try to begin raiding as soon as the first raid opens up. While we are aware that not everyone levels at the same pace, those of us who are raid ready at that point may fill up the raid with pugs, until everyone else has caught up. This will allow those of us who have started early to give some guidance to the newcomers as well.
We will continue with just one raid day per week (Sunday), and an optional additional Tuesday occasionally, provided enough people insist on continuing the Sunday raid.


Do not be shy to ask for guild groups to run dungeons, especially early on in BfA. It is a lot easier to get used to new content if you can explore it in a group with people you know. It also gives you time to practice working as a team, whether it is for raid preparation or to find guildies you will later on run mythic+ with. Also remember that as an added bonus running dungeons in guild groups will earn gold for our guild bank, and that gold is used to finance materials needed to provide you with flasks, potions and gear.

Structure of the Guild and Basic Rules

Since we have quite a few new people lately, I felt it important to point out once again that while our guild is going through a lot of democratic processes, in the end it is still a benevolent dictatorship, run by the Guild Grandma. Input, be it criticism, suggestions or any other kind of feedback are appreciated, but there are certain topics that are not up to discussion.
Among those topics not up to discussion is the way we treat minorities within our guild. There will be no sexism, rascism, LGBTQ+ bashing, religious intolerance or any other form of bigotry in this guild. We require every member of our guild to be aware of the vocabulary they use in that regard. It is neither acceptable to refer to something you dislike as “retarded” or “autistic”, nor to refer to women as “whores”, as someone else recently found out who now is no longer in our guild. Do however feel free to apply the word FUCK in capital letters as often as you damn well please. Because fucking hell, we fucking swear as much as we want, in a fucking politically correct way. 😉

Now go out there and enjoy the game and the guild.

Lots of love,