New and shiny!

Hello Geeks!

Welcome to our new and shiny website. Fred has put in loads of work to put this thing together, and I think it turned out amazing. So what does the new webbie give you? Aside from the static pages regarding our FAQ, raiding, useful links, etc, you have a full social widget, which functions much like Facebook. You can add people as friends, you can join groups, you have a timeline your friends can see.

And now the actual news!

We have decided on a second raid day. From now on we will raid on Thursdays in addition to Sundays. Our raid team has been improving massively the last few weeks, and we want to push forward a bit now. Socials and casuals are still always welcome to sign up for the raids.

For those slow pokes of you who haven’t seen it yet, we have set a date and location for the 2016 real life guild meeting. Details will be announced in the guild group on this very website.

And as always: A warm welcome to the new members. May your socks always be fluffy!

P.S.: After you register, you will receive a friend request from Tanja. Please accept, so you can be added to the appropriate groups. Thanks. 🙂

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