Summary of the Guild Meeting 22nd of January 2017


Sunday will continue being our guild progress day. On this day we want to make sure it counts for the guild, so we will make sure that at least 80% of the raid group will be members of Geeks United.
Thursday was introduced as a new raid day for guild members that are geared and experienced enough to go into higher difficulty content than current guild progress. We will not be able to take everyone on Thursday, and will require a minimum ilvl and experience for people to join. We will invite pugs to fill up the roles that can not be covered by guild members.
Tuesday will be our farming day, so any guild members that are trying to catch up to our regular raiders and still need to finish up quests, etc in lower difficulty content can do so without holding back our Sunday progress. We will alternate activities on that day and occasionally will use the Tuesday to go back for old world guild achievements we have not yet completed.

Low Level Guild Members

One of the concerns of new players within the guild was that we focus on raiding quite a lot lately, and that new players who have not yet reached max level feel a bit left out. It was mentioned that it is occasionally difficult for new players to find dungeon groups, occasionally receiving abuse from more experienced players in pug groups. Since many of the more experienced players within the guild have lower level alts, we suggested low level new players ask within the guild for dungeon groups, so they have the benefit of being able to learn to play in a safe and new player friendly environment where they receive helpful tips rather than abuse.

Guild Bank Raffle

The suggestion to have a guild bank raffle was well received, so we will prepare this for the future.

Main Spec/Off Spec Guild Note

It was suggested to put people’s main/off spec in the guild note. We will soon create a document in which people can enter their respective specs and transfer that to guild notes.

After Meeting Fun

We went to Orgrimmar and wreaked havoc. Against all expectations we kicked quite some arse. Well done, everyone. 😀

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