What happened to Thursday and what’s this talk of a real life meet-up?

Thursday Raiding

In a guild meeting not too long ago we decided to introduce Thursday as an additional progress day for members who are geared and eager enough to explore content that other guildies are not ready for yet, filling up the missing roles with pugs. So why is there suddenly no more Thursday raid in the calendar?

After running the Thursday raid a few times with those who signed up and attended, it became fairly clear very quickly that most of us feel too stressed out when running with pugs. While we insisted on Teamspeak, we constantly had people joining that refused to come on (at least one person per raid), and more often than not it was due to tactical mistakes by those people that we had trouble with the content. And while we also met nice people who agreed to come with us again, should we need help, we soon realised that this is not how we want to raid.

It soon became clear that a few of our younger members felt less stressed out, wanted to raid more, but that the majority of us old folks were simply not up to more than our Sunday  and Tuesday raids. Fortunately our friends of Alacrity were able to help out, and so they accepted our youngsters and raid addicts into their more raiding focussed guild, while we elderly peeps go back to our social/casual raiding. So until further notice (and always subject to change) we remain with Sunday as our guild progression day (minimum 80% guild members, preferably guild members only), and Tuesday as the day we farm content we have already cleared (friends welcome to join, provided the group composition can handle it).

Real Life Meet-Up 2017

As is our guild tradition, we are preparing for this year’s real life guild meet-up. For those who are completely clueless, here is a rough outline:

  • The real life meet-up is not mandatory, but it is a fantastic way to support the social side of the guild by actually getting to know the people you play the game with.
  • Members of the guild volunteer to host, so it takes place all over Europe, depending who volunteers to host and has the most convenient location.
  • Everyone who attends is expected to pay for their own travel costs, and to chip in for food and other expenses.
  • Since this event is usually hosted at a member’s private home, if you wish to bring extra guests (family, etc.) the host has a final say on who you can bring.
  • Depending on the amount of guild members coming, there may be various kinds of sleeping space available, ranging from beds, over couches and floor space, to tents in the yard. If you prefer a hotel’s comfort and can afford it, you can ask the host to help you arrange for one.
  • We plan a few guild activities together in the period leading up to the meet up. This may require occasional additional meetings on Teamspeak for those who wish to attend.

And now on to this year’s event:

Core Days are the 26th and 27th of August 2017.
Early arrival possible from 23rd of August.
Late departure possible up to 31st of August.
Individual arrangements may vary.
Germany, near Mannheim. Further details will only be passed out to individuals attending.
If you need to book flights and train/coach tickets, you are best off booking tickets to one of these locations:
Frankfurt(Main) International Airport (FRA) + ICE train to Mannheim (30 minutes)
Frankfurt(Hahn) (HHN) + coach to Mannheim (2 1/2 hours)
If you come by car and need to calculate your travel costs, plan to arrive at either of these locations:
Autobahn A659 Exit3 (Viernheim)
Autobahn A5 Exit34 (Hirschberg)

Sounds great? You want to come? Get in touch with Tanja or Fred for more details as soon as possible.

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