Guild Meeting March 4th 2018

Hello Geeks and friends. We had quite a few topics to talk about this past guild meeting. For those who couldn’t attend, here is a little summary.

Guild Bank

Those who have been in the guild for a longer period of time may have noticed that deposits are no longer possible for any tab but the first one. The reason for this change was to make it easier for the officers to clean up the guild bank. One of our recurring problems was that people kept contributing outdated mats and gear, clogging up guild bank space we need for current items. By only being able to contribute into tab 1, it is now easier for us to sort out the unneeded items before they are distributed among the tabs, taking up valuable guild bank space.

Each guild tab has a detailed description, and we implore you to please read them before withdrawing or depositing. In tab 1 we will regularly announce which items we are short of. If your intended contribution is not on the list, please talk it over with an officer before depositing.

You may not find a lot of crafted gear, glyphs or enchants in the guild bank. This is owed to the fact that we will only craft on demand, to keep guild bank clogging to a minimum. If you do need any of the above, please chat with an officer and we will make sure the item of your desire is crafted for you.

If you want to contribute your crafting skills to the guild, especially if you can still level up from cutting gems, making enchants and gear, please contact an officer as well. There is a chance the guild will provide you with crafting materials, provided you become the designated crafter for a while.

While we appreciate any donations of pets, mounts and toys, we will not accept any donations of Left Sharks any longer, and the next person to put one into the guild bank will be demoted to Donald.

Rules of Common Decency

While our guild has grown rather big lately, we do want to make sure it remains an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. The overall game environment can be quite toxic, especially towards minority groups, and we will not accept any of that toxicity to wash over into Geeks United.

Things that will highly upset your guild leadership and may result in your departure from the guild: LGBTQI+ bashing, rasicm, sexism, ableism, religious intolerance. We have people from all walks of life in our guild, and we do require you to be tolerant enough to accept people for who they are, even if you do not share their beliefs or lifestyles.

Real Life Guild MeetUps

Our next real life meet up will take place in Tilburg in the Netherlands from June 29th until July 2nd 2018, hosted by one of our officers. Sign up ended end of February, and those who are attending are now planning travels. People will be required to bring their own blankets or sleeping bags.

If you missed the deadline to sign up for the June meetup, do not be disappointed, because there will be two other meet ups this year:

Squishy and Rachael will be organizing a UK meet up for October. The idea is to rent caravans at a caravan park. If you would like to attend, please contact Squishy and/or Rachael for further details and planning.

Tanja and Fred will also be organising a meet up in Mannheim, Germany from December 21st to 24th, including visits to various Christmas markets. You will be required to book a hotel/B&B room for this one. A list of hotels/B&Bs will be provided upon request.

Guild Events

Rachael is organising regular mythic+ runs on Thursdays. This is your chance to get your keystones boosted and improve your performance in mythic+.

We have noticed some people within the guild asking for help with their higher keystones, but an expressed unwillingness to help with lower keystones. This is not within the spirit of our guild, so if you believe a +4 is beneath you, do not expect to receive help with your +13, either.

We also have regular social raids on Tuesdays, and our progression day on Sunday. Please check the Raiding page for our requirements for those raids. Tuesday raids will vary, depending on what our guild members need, so if you have specific quests or needs for raids other than Antorus, please talk to an officer.

Aside from those regular events anyone member and up can create their own guild events. If you would like your event advertised in our message of the day, talk to an officer.


We addressed a lot of issues that recently popped up in our Sunday raids, so here is a summary:

If You sign up, show up!

Over the past weeks we have noticed over and over again, that there are people who signed up for the raid, but then are nowhere to be found when raid time begins. This makes planning the raid rather difficult, since we have to balance out DPS and healers properly, and if we counted on you being there, others may have to switch to different toons, costing us all a load of time and delaying raid start. If you are not sure you can be there, sign up tentative. If you signed up, and real life interferes on short notice, please try to let raid lead or any of the officers know, so we can adjust accordingly.

Come prepared!

This means we expect you to be logged in and ready to go at 8pm server time. Make sure you are on teamspeak, make sure your addons are up to date, bring runes (they can be found in the guild bank). We will even provide food and flasks, so you don’t have to carry that stuff yourself, but we do expect you to be ready to be summoned, meaning you will not “just finish this invasion real quick”. It is rude to make an entire raid group wait just for you. Exceptions will always be made for real life issues, such as pesky offspring of yours that just decided to puke all over your kitchen floor. We are parents. We understand. Clean up the kitchen and join us afterwards.

Don’t stand in fire!

Unlike what you are taught in LFR, tactics actually do matter! Watching a Fatboss video (links to the channel can be found in Handy Stuff, check out that page!) will help you learn the tactics, if you are unfamiliar with the encounter. Please, for all that is sacred, do not sacrifice your health, or worse, that of your teammates, by constantly oogling your DPS meter instead of the floor beneath you. Target what you are told to target (because adds matter!), and generally, follow raid lead’s instructions.

There are times for chit chat. This is not one of them!

Keep chatter down to a bare minimum so people can concentrate on the encounters. While you may feel confident that you can get all the tactics right without shout outs from raid lead, others may still need them, and they won’t hear them, if all they hear is you talking about your amazing weekend or the latest joke you just want to retell. Our TS server is available to you 24/7, and you can use the Lounge to chat to your heart’s content all day, but the raid channel on Sunday evenings is reserved for short and crisp shoutouts regarding our raid encounters.

Try to carry your own weight!

We do have quite a few people who can carry a bit of additional weight, but please do not rely on them to boost you through content we are trying to progress on. Try out your DPS on a test dummy and in other encounters, and see that you can push it to a solid 700k minimum. If you struggle with that, please contact an officer so we can point you to one of our specialists in your class to help you improve. A lot of times all it takes is a bit of tweaking your gear and changing your rotation, and you will do just fine. We also have specialist for all healing classes, in case you struggle keeping people alive (aside from those who die by standing in fire, shame on them!). If you can not carry your weight in a raid, we may regrettably have to ask you to leave the group and come back another time after some tweaking. Please do not let it dishearten you, if that happens. We will try our best to help you along the way to get you ready to kick arse!

Famous Last Words

I didn’t know how else to end this news post, so I will quote some famous last words, this time Callum, who was tanking in LFR: “I thought there was a wall there.”

Thank you all for attending and/or reading up on this news post. You rock!

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