Guild Meeting Notes August 10th 2018

New Officer

Due to the increased number of guildies lately (our member count is now over 900), and Rachael leaving for a different server to join old friends, we decided the promotion of another officer was due. Our choice fell on Annie, known mostly as Ekofire in game. We also recently added Jenny to our ranks, due to the increase in members and the need for active officers.

The current list of officers is thus:
Tanja, Innes, Harry, Håvard, Fred, Jo, Kev, Indi, Liz, Lorenz, Jason, Lurch, Annie, Jenny

Guild Bank

We have decided to put the guild bank on lockdown at the start of BfA. This means that nobody except officers can withdraw items, however, if you need anything from the guild bank, you can always contact an officer to get things out for you. It will be at the officer’s discretion to give out items.
The reason for this is, that in the beginning of BfA we will be quite short on mats, and while we will craft for the guild, we want to make sure that the items we put in the guild bank also get used for the guild. Over the past months we had several instances of people taking things from the guild bank either to sell on the auction house or to equip characters they had in other guilds. The people we caught doing so are no longer in the guild now, but with BfA mats being expensive in the beginning, we want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
As we stock up, we will eventually open the guild bank tabs up for withdrawals by members again, so please be patient. The more donations in crafting materials the guild bank receives, the faster we will be able again to supply you all fully without having to ration, so freely donate any BfA materials to the guild bank as you see fit. We will especially need herbs, ore, meat, fish and gems to provide for all our usual raid and mythic+ buffs asap. We will also appreciate any donations of True Iron Ore and Sumptuous Fur (WoD mats) to provide everyone with a steady supply of Goblin Glider Kits until we can fly in BfA.

Picking Your Main

For those of you who wish to raid with us in BfA it is essential to make a choice which toon you will main as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we only have two tank spots per raid, and those are already taken, so if you choose to play tank as your main spec, you may only get to tank when one of our regular tanks is not available. With the increase in raiders the last weeks we may need one or two more people maining a healer spec, but please do not count on that, so be prepared to play DPS off spec.


We will try to begin raiding as soon as the first raid opens up. While we are aware that not everyone levels at the same pace, those of us who are raid ready at that point may fill up the raid with pugs, until everyone else has caught up. This will allow those of us who have started early to give some guidance to the newcomers as well.
We will continue with just one raid day per week (Sunday), and an optional additional Tuesday occasionally, provided enough people insist on continuing the Sunday raid.


Do not be shy to ask for guild groups to run dungeons, especially early on in BfA. It is a lot easier to get used to new content if you can explore it in a group with people you know. It also gives you time to practice working as a team, whether it is for raid preparation or to find guildies you will later on run mythic+ with. Also remember that as an added bonus running dungeons in guild groups will earn gold for our guild bank, and that gold is used to finance materials needed to provide you with flasks, potions and gear.

Structure of the Guild and Basic Rules

Since we have quite a few new people lately, I felt it important to point out once again that while our guild is going through a lot of democratic processes, in the end it is still a benevolent dictatorship, run by the Guild Grandma. Input, be it criticism, suggestions or any other kind of feedback are appreciated, but there are certain topics that are not up to discussion.
Among those topics not up to discussion is the way we treat minorities within our guild. There will be no sexism, rascism, LGBTQ+ bashing, religious intolerance or any other form of bigotry in this guild. We require every member of our guild to be aware of the vocabulary they use in that regard. It is neither acceptable to refer to something you dislike as “retarded” or “autistic”, nor to refer to women as “whores”, as someone else recently found out who now is no longer in our guild. Do however feel free to apply the word FUCK in capital letters as often as you damn well please. Because fucking hell, we fucking swear as much as we want, in a fucking politically correct way. 😉

Now go out there and enjoy the game and the guild.

Lots of love,