Guild Meeting Notes September 2nd 2018

First of all, let me say that the amount of people attending made me incredibly happy, and I do hope the introduction round helped everyone get a better idea of who they are playing with. While some of us have already known each other for a long time and even met in real life during our yearly guild meet ups, it was fantastic to see so many of the newer folks show up as well and get to know a bit more about them.

Now on to the topics we discussed.


We decided to switch our one day a week free for all 3 hour raid to a 2 hours on 2 days system, which will be split up as follows:

Wednesdays: Social Raid
Everyone with the appropriate ilvl can sign up, provided they can be on Teamspeak. We will try to progress into the current raid content much the way we have in the past, with tactics being explained and attempting to carry those who are yet not quite able to carry their own weight. In the beginning we will not have a lot of carrying power, so do not be disappointed if we do not get that far. This should change for the better as we gear up.

Sundays: Progress Raid
Those of us who are able to carry their own weight and are more focussed on advancing in the content will continue the Wednesday raid, but will not take people along who can not carry their own weight, in order to progress further. Stricter rules will apply, and we will not go out of our way to explain tactics. Instead we expect those who attend to come prepared and willing to focus solely on our progress. We will however expect those who want to progress with us on Sundays to also help lay the groundwork on Wednesdays, unless they are prevented from doing so by real life events.

Since we only raid for two hours per raid day now, we decided to move the starting time to 8:30pm server time, with the raids ending at 10:30pm.

Note: If you do need enchants or gems for your gear before the raid, please do not wait until the last minute. Contact an officer at least 30 minutes before raid time to get your gear in order.

Mythic Dungeons/Mythic+

So far we organised one guild event to arrange teams for mythic dungeons, and on that day had 4 groups running simultaneously. Aside from that it became quite clear quite fast, that people who are looking to run mythic dungeons have trouble finding guild groups, be it due to different online times or people already being locked to them after pugging.

The guild event seemed to be quite a success and overall more satisfying, so we have decided to continue arranging mythic runs for guild groups on set days. To run in those arranged groups we will require you to be on teamspeak. We will try to sort you into groups that are well balanced for the content, so do not be shy to check your calendar regularly and sign up.

Heroic/normal dungeons

There was some demand for guild arranged normal/heroic dungeons for our more casual guildies who are not quite ready for mythics yet, but feel uncomfortable running in pug groups, so we have decided to also create guild events for normal and heroic content. We do expect you to be on teamspeak for those events, and we will assign at least one experienced person to each group to guide those with less experience through for a smooth and easy run that will teach everyone tactics for future mythic runs.

Guild Bank

As some oldies in the guild may have noticed, we changed the guild bank system around a bit. We now have one tab for deposits and one for self withdrawals. All other tabs are only accessible by officers, and if you need anything from those, you should ask an officer to get the items of your desire out for you. This measure unfortunately was necessary for various reasons, the worst being people taking items from the guild bank to sell them off at the auction house.

We did remind everyone to please read the guild bank tab descriptions. Tab1 is regularly updated to list what we need as far as donations go. All other tabs give info on what is in them and under which circumstances you will be entitled to withdraw/request items.

We also asked what people require more of in tab2, and it was mentioned that more healing potionsĀ  would be appreciated. In order to keep them readily available a steady donation of herbs would be very welcome. Not only do we need them for the flasks we currently produce for future raiding and mythic+ runs, we also need them to make the ink that then gets turned into the reputation contracts that are in rather high demand.

At this point we are working on gathering enough enchanting mats to provide everyone with weapon enchants for raiding. Unfortunately the crystals we need are only disenchanted from purple items, and the only solution to get a lot of them to our enchanters is to craft items, which means we will need plenty of cloth and skinned goodies, since we already spent 500k on enchanting mats just to provide the guild with the enchants currently available in the guild bank.


Our guild has designated guild crafters, and most of our crafting skills are maxed out already, so our crafters are supplying the guild bank with goods steadily. We will not keep any gear in the guild bank, since crafted gear above ilvl 310 is BoP, and you will quickly get much better gear running dungeons with your guildies and doing world quests. However, if you are looking for a crafted item you can not find in the guild bank, you can easily see the professions of your guildies via the guild tab. Just sort by profession and browse through the list of goodies your guildies can provide.

Liz has suggested an addon called FasterLoot for gathering professions and says it changed her life. I personally haven’t checked it out yet, but Liz swears it will make our gathering life much better, so I will check that addon out soon, and perhaps so should all you other gatherers.

All those questions

After going berserk on guild chat at least twice I personally felt the need to discuss how to approach having questions in game. I do receive whispers from various people daily, and while a lot of them are perfectly validly addressed to me, there are also those whispers asking questions that already are answered elsewhere. If you have a question about the game itself, quests, your class, your spec, your rotation, chances are that one of the links provided on this very website will answer all your questions and then some. If you really can not find any info on wowhead or icyveins, do ask on guild chat before sending me whispers. While I do love to help out and also love the occasional chat, this is the beginning of a new expansion, and much like everyone else I really just want to play right now, which I can’t if I have a bazillion whispers to answer that could have easily been answered by opening a browser and looking at our guild website.

Social stuff

While I am fully aware that we have people who do love to throw some playful banter at each other, please be aware that there are people who may not appreciate being bantered with, or who will not identify your playfulness as such. Do respect the boundaries of people in that regard. And if someone asks a genuine question regarding content on guild chat, please give them a valid answer or no answer at all, because a mean answer is often not appropriate, even if you find it entertaining. A little kindness can go a long way.

Guild events

I’d like to “thank” Blizzard for taking away the GMs option to set which rank has permission to create guild events.

It may not be an issue in a tiny guild if everyone can create guild events, but in a guild our size it can quickly clutter the guild calendar and clash with regular events, so while we are okay with you creating a guild event to celebrate your birthday with your guildies, when it comes to ingame activities such as dungeons, raids (even old ones) or any other ingame content, please do coordinate your event with an officer before putting it in the calendar, else we will have to delete it.

December real life meet up

Since some people who really wanted to attend this summer’s meet up couldn’t due to real life schedules, we have decided to hold another meet up in December.

Mannheim, Germany
December 14th to December 17th, with the 15th and 16th being the core days.
You will have to stay at a hotel/B&B/hostel this time, since we have no space to host a crowd. However, we can probably get group rates, provided enough people want to come. So do get in touch with me (Tanja) asap, if you are sure you can make it that weekend.
Karaoke, Escape Rooms, Christmas Markets


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, gave their input and feedback, got over their shyness to introduce themselves. As always, if I forgot anything, do poke me so I can add it to this post.

Love and hugs,