RL Meet Up Diary Winter 2018

Friday, the 14th of December 2018

Today is the day! I get up early, because the first of my guildies are supposed to arrive some time in the morning. I am dressed, caffeinated, ready for my doorbell to ring at any moment. But then the shocking news: Vince and Michelle missed their plane. They show amazing dedication to the guild by spontaneously deciding to drive instead. From London, via the Eurotunnel, through Belgium, all the way to my location in Germany. Guess they won’t be arriving first after all.

While they are still on the road, Liz and her daughter arrive in the early evening, Jo shortly after. We have burgers and sandwiches, then we take them to their hotels to check in. Vince and Michelle are still on the road, while the rest of us meet up again for cocktails, and they don’t arrive until midnight.

Saturday, the 15th of December 2018

We plan on meeting up for lunch, but getting everyone grouped up is just like raiding and takes a while. Ah well, coffee and tea in the meantime.

Finally everyone is gathered up, and we head over to my favourite Turkish restaurant. Feast, anyone?

After having stuffed our faces, we all have a bit of a break until the early evening, when we meet up for the Mannheim Christmas Market, joined by Philip, my daughters and my grandson. The market is packed, and moving is more difficult than orb carrying at G’huun. Against all odds we do manage to find Indi and Tut in the crowd, who drove here after Indi finished working. I take them to their hotel, and then it is time for karaoke night, while Liz’s daugther spends the night with my daughter and grandson. Babysitter service brought to you by Geeks United. 😉

Indi and Tut have a little involuntary scenic tour of all of Mannheim city centre on the quest to find their hotel. The most resilient of us last until 1:30 in the morning before heading to our homes/hotels.

Sunday, the 16th of December

We agreed to meet up in the early afternoon to go to Heidelberg. While I have my morning coffee, the Facebook chat becomes active. Vince and Michelle have somehow “accidentally” made it to Heidelberg while trying to find a place for breakfast. Seems they found a good one.

Indi and Tut follow suit and drive over to Heidelberg. I am still having my morning coffee, when I see that Jo jumped on a train to Heidelberg as well. Damn it guildies, pulling early is no fun! Liz comes over to my house, and we wait for my daughter to drop off Liz’s daughter, so that we can join the others in Heidelberg, but it takes a while. Fred doesn’t feel too well, so he is staying home.

While Liz, Shelby and I head over to Heidelberg, the rest of the gang takes the cable car up to the top of the mountain to enjoy a view of fog. We finally meet up at the Heidelberg castle. Unfortunately Michelle and Vince have to leave again shortly after, having to drive all the way back to the UK to be back in time for work on Monday. The rest of us enjoy looking at the castle.

After we get back down into old town Heidelberg we have some fantastic dinner, then it is time for Indi and Tut to leave us as well. Liz, Shelby and Jo come to my house, where we hang out a little longer before Jo heads back to the hotel. Liz and Shelby will sleep on my couch tonight.

Monday, the 17th of December 2018

Liz, Shelby and Jo leave early Monday morning, and I am left to write this news post. I enjoyed this meet up a lot, even if I wish I had had more time to spend with everyone. A weekend just never seems enough time somehow, and I am already looking forward to the summer 2019 meet up at Jo’s house. On that note, if you do want to join that one, get in touch with Jo sooner rather than later.

Oh, and…
“Come to the dark side, we have cookies!”
We mean it!