Guild Meeting Notes January 20th 2019



Our collab with Alacrity has worked out well for the benefit of all of us in Uldir. Together we did manage to clear Uldir on heroic more than once and even killed the first boss on mythic. Because it worked out so well for both our guilds, we have decided to continue the collab into the new raid. We will start on normal, but eventually will aim for heroic. While still running normal, the social raiders will join us on Thursday, while on Sunday we progress with those who are capable of pushing further. As before, we will expect you to be there on Thursday if you want to join on Sunday, unless you have a good reason not to attend.


Our social raid day will now be Thursday and it will happen in collaboration with Alacrity while we are still on normal. Once the collab team hits heroic, we may implement an additional raid day for normal, either for continued social non-heroic raiding, or for progress raiders to gear up their alts. People who raid both on Thursday and Sunday have no obligation to be there, but chances are many will join up anyway, be it to help out or to gear up an alt.


Raid Time:
Thursday and Sunday, 20:30 server time. Be ready for invites 15 minutes ahead of raid time.

Raid Requirements for Thursday:
Minimum ilvl of 370 (if you are not geared enough yet but want to raid, talk to one of the officers about how to gear you up).
Discord App, since Alacrity can’t seem to get warmed up with Teamspeak. Please install the actual app, not the browser plugin.

Raid Requirements for Sunday:
Must have been there on Thursday unless previously excused. Whether you can join or not depends on your performance on Thursday and the group composition we are dealing with, after all we do want to progress. People may have to take turns, depending on the roles we have to fill


New Officers

As a guild, we have repeatedly tried to find ways to coordinate our m+ keys in a way that is satisfying for everyone. However, between the officers we had so far, nobody was available enough to take over such a coordination. This time around we grabbed the bull by the horn, and appointed the two people to officers, who already did coordinate runs in the guild to the best of their abilities. So please welcome Arktulfy and Saintgeorge to the officer team. Those two (He) will be your primary contacts when it comes to anything regarding mythic+ guild runs.

Up until now their organising m+ runs consisted of a lot of whispers back and forth. While Saintgeorge took on people geared and experienced enough to run higher keys and push them even higher, Arktulfy often took on people with lower keys and less experience, teaching tactics, both for the dungeons themselves as well as the affixes. Many people in the guild benefited from both their efforts already, but we felt we could give them the tools to help even more.

New Ways

Those of you who have been at the guild meeting tried it out live, but those who have not been there, here is something we implemented for people who are interested in running mythic+ with their guildies:

If you go to your guilds&communities tab, where you normally see guild chat, you will now find a dropdown above the guild chat that lets you select from additional guild chat channels. One of them is called Mythic+. This is the channel you want to pay attention to. If you want to run your key with guildies, post it up in the chat there including your requirements.


  • Gummib√§rchen: [Keystone: The MOTHERLODE!! (8)]. Need tank, 3 DPS. Willing to donate key to practice run. Only available in the early evening except on raid days.
  • Saintgeorge: [Keystone: Atal’Dazar (13)]. Have healer (Gummib√§rchen), have 2 DPS (Eresadene, Gambinx), need DPS, minimum DPS output 10k, want to push +1 minimum. Want to run within the next 2 hours. Will pug if I find nobody else by then.
  • Felida: [Keystone: The Underrot (2)]. Need tank, healer, 2 DPS. Got key by guildies boosting me through mythic. Will need patience learning to play my mage. This is a practice key. Available whenever I am online, will only run in full guild group.

The more details you give us, the better we can help you find groups for your keys that will work out well for you and everyone else involved. Those of you who post keys in that chat, please be so kind and also post when those keys are no longer available. Found your group? Nailed it? Failed it? Say so in chat.

See a key you like? Voice your interest in the chat, so everyone knows you are willing to take a spot. If you have time restrictions, now is the perfect time to voice them.

Do keep random chit chat in the actual guild chat, please. That is where the social interaction is going on, while people focussing on this channel are looking for people to run stuff with.

You can also select in the drop down below the chat if you want it to be displayed in your regular chat window or not. That way you can choose to jump at any key chance you get (I know some of you will), or you choose to only pay attention to keys at certain times you are willing to run by simply opening the guild&community tab and checking if anyone is posting keys at the time.

New Days

There will be keys that are more social, and keys that are more progress oriented. Our two new officers will set up two new main days on which we will focus on certain types of keys, if you wish to do them on a set day rather than spontaneously within the group. Some of us like to be able to plan ahead.

At this point it looks like Wednesday, now that it is no longer our social raid day, will come in quite handy to people who want to push higher keys. It also seems that Tuesdays have so far been the days more favoured by people running keys on a social level only in a guild group, if at all. Neither of these two days is set in stone, so we will be quite flexible when it comes to what our guildies need. For the most part we do hope that the new chats will help you run most of the content you want to run with guildies. For those who still prefer set days, we will set up events, but we have to check with all those interested, which days would get the most traffic

Social Events & Levelling

Social Events

Belajo recently created a social event on a Friday, because she had a few holes in her achievement blanket that needed fixing. Instead of going out and soloing all those (some of which you can’t solo due to mechanics), she took along a very happy group of guildies, who managed to work together to get all but one achievement on the list done for all who still needed them.

We have often been asked for runs like that, be it old achievement runs, farming for transmog together, farming for mounts, but it is hard for us to find out what type of social runs we can get people for. So we need your input, and the new social events & levelling chat is how we get it.

It very much looks like Fridays are an ideal day for that event, so our Friday will be reserved for social events of whatever sort. We will not have a guaranteed event each Friday, it all depends on your input and the overall interest within the guild, but if your suggestions find enough resonance, chances are we will make it happen.


We have recently noticed some of you actually organising yourselves levelling up alts together, and we encourage that. To make it easier for you to organise your levelling sessions, we have decided to invite you to also join the social events & levelling chat. After all, chat has history, and while you may have missed that person in your level range asking for a dungeon partner by an hour, maybe you see them online tomorrow and can arrange a few dungeons together then, or you may find that some guildies at high level are doing your level content for achievements, and are willing to boost you through along the way.

The Chat

What is this chat you keep reading about?

If you go to your guilds&communities tab, where you normally see guild chat, you will now find a dropdown above the guild chat that lets you select from additional guild chat channels.

This news post, further up under Mythic+, New Ways

The one you are looking for is called Social Events and Levelling. In there people can request groups for achievement raids and dungeons, levelling partners and everything in between. And if we see enough people requesting the same content, we will help coordinate it.

Guild Bank

We have designated crafters for every profession, so please do not donate crafted items unless previously discussed with an officer. We very much prefer you donate the raw material. If you need anything crafted that you can not find in the guild bank already, please speak to one of the officers, and we will make sure our designated crafter will help you out.

Please do not shy away from reading the guild bank tab descriptions to know our rules about donating and withdrawing from the guild bank. And in case you want to donate, we are currently very happy about any herbs or enchanting mats (BfA only).


Saintgeorge voiced that he does not feel he is cut out to be an officer after all, and asked to be demoted again.