Tutorial: How to use our various chat channels

Why do we have different channels to begin with?

In a guild our size you will always find people with a whole variety of different interests. During peak hours all of it showed on guild chat, and quite often people would miss out on things there due to chat scrolling up too quickly. The easiest way to handle this issue is to split chat into different interest groups, hence the various different channels. Aside from regular guild chat you now have a separate chat for mythic+, for raiding and for social events and leveling to get in touch with other people who want to experience the same content you do.

Do I have to read all those different chats now?

Absolutely not. You can participate in as few or as many channels as you like. Just pick the ones that interest you. You also don’t have to read them every day. Do you only want to run spontaneous mythic+ on Wednesday evenings? Then only check the m+ channel on Wednesday. You want to run mythic+ whenever you get the chance? Then add the channel to your general tab to keep track of it live, so you can jump at any key that is posted.

Where do I find those channels?

Click on Guild & Communities in your game menu or press J on your keyboard.

Guild & Communities (J)

Choose the channel you want to see in the dropdown menu.

Guild dropdown menu

How do I add them to my general chat or a new chat window?

You can use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the chat channel to add it to your general chat or put it in a new window.

Chat Window dropdown menu

Why are those channels not as active as guild chat?

Because they are used for specific purposes. They function like a mix of chat channel and message board, so you can organise spontaneous events, or find a group to plan an event with. Having a chat history, you can even scroll back and see if anyone is interested in content you want to run, and even if they are not online now, you can respond to them so maybe they will see it later.

We want people to keep unrelated chatter to a minimum in those channels, so that people do not have to scroll through all of that just to find a group for content. Just because you do not get an immediate response in those channels it doesn’t mean you will not get one at all.

I have more questions that were not answered here.

Then contact Gummibärchen in game and ask.