News, so many news!

Guild Meeting News!

Your benevolent dictator basically forgot to post the meeting minutes, and a lot of what was discussed is now public knowledge and past tense anyway, so I will sum up the points raised in the meeting in this overall newspost.

Raid News!

Yes, the collab with Alacrity has ended. While we all enjoyed the experience, it was time for our guilds to go separate ways again, for various different reasons. In the long run both our guilds got benefits from the collab, and it is now time to see how well we can stand on our own again.

For that purpose we have decided to split our raids up into social and progress raids. Wednesdays was always the preferred social raid day, and we are reinstating it. Geeks and friends, anyone with the appropriate ilvl, DBM, and Discord can join us and learn to raid, try out for our progress team, or simply give guildies a hand that would otherwise probably not get a chance to raid. If nothing else, we can all use the runes in the guild bank. [insert massive amounts of wink smiley faces here]

Our progress team has two days a week, Thursday and Sunday, but is currently a bit on the low number side. If only a few of us can not sign up, we may still have to cancel raids, and we are trying to bolster the team to have enough people to make up for others missing now and then. We do however have much stricter requirements now to join progress. The minimum ilvl is of course higher, but we also expect you to come prepared. That means if you want to kill a boss with us on heroic, you should have also killed that boss on normal first. You can do so in our social raids. We expect you to know basic tactics for your role for the boss, and a solid knowledge of your own class/spec. If you are a healer/tank you may be expected to play a DPS off spec or alt at times, depending on the team’s composition, while still being able to carry your own weight.

Facebook/Discord/Teamspeak News!

While our Facebook group is a very active and much used one, recent repeated data leaks and scandals concerning Facebook have pushed me to the decision to shut down our Facebook group. Since we do not completely wish to deprive the guild of their social media, we have after careful consideration chosen to move our activity to Discord. The various chat channels on Discord can be used very much like a Facebook group, and so far they have been rather active.

With Discord of course also comes the voice chat, which automatically comes with a nice ingame overlay (which you can turn off in your own settings if you so wish), and a whole variety of options to interact with your guildies inside or outside of the game. We’ve been using Discord regularly in the collab raid with Alacrity for some time, and those who repeatedly requested for us to move to Discord seem to finally get their wish.

For the time being we will keep our Teamspeak server active, simply because we want to keep our options open regarding voice chat for a bit longer. It just seems like people are taking to Discord rather well. There may be a time in the future when we decide the Teamspeak server has become obsolete, but we will announce that well ahead of time.

As for the Facebook group: I have set a deadline until after the guild meetup at Jo’s house. After that, the FB group will be shut down for good

RL Meet Up News!

There are posts by Jo in the Facebook group as well as in the Discord channel specifically created for the meet up. Please communicate via the appropriate Discord channel to Jo whether you will attend no later than May 30th.

New Officer News!

Welcome Neatrix to the team of officers. She has already been guiding people through lower key mythics for a while, and she now joined the officer team to work on getting people mythic+ ready together with Arktulfy.

Quote of the month:

I will go to the zoo and shave a panda, if I have to.

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