RL Summer Meet Up 2019

It was the month of July in the year of 2019, when Geeks from all over Europe travelled towards the otherwise barely noticed town of Farnham, Surrey, UK. Ferries, airplanes, long drives, nothing stopped these Geeks from obtaining their cookies!

After early arrivals on Thursday, the majority trickled in on Friday. Big thanks to Belajo and Ekofire for the constant taxi service, picking people up from train stations and airports left and right and hosting this amazing meet up.

Belajo and Ekofire, who were hosting the meet up this year

As happens with every meet up, we never seem to have everyone around at the same time, with some people leaving early, others arriving late and some only able to show up for a few hours, but we tried to get a proper group pic of as many people as we could gather at the same time.

Left to right: Queeg, Ekofire, Isseriya, Ysela, Shyshaman, Belajo, Barrenius, Tenaciousd, Gummibärchen, Gógógó, Nakarion

Unfortunately nobody took pictures of the amazing feasts Belajo and Ekofire prepared for us for breakfasts and lunches, but we did take pics at pubs, because apparently pub pics matter.

Left to right: Ekofire, Nakarion, Gummibärchen, Shyshaman, Gógógó, Ysela, Tenaciousd, Belajo

Fortunately some folks also snapped a few adorable portraits:

Nakarion and his new love Ruby
Mrs. Queeg, who was nice enough to take the group picture above.
Gógógó see him GO GO GO!
Belajo enjoying some of the BBQ she cooked for us.
Isseriya, the spreader of evil colds!
Ysela, preparing to record an epic video (you will see soon!)
Nakarion being so photogenic, we had to portrait him twice.
Shyshaman as living evidence that you CAN get sunburned in the UK.
Look at the camera, everyone!
What may seem like a perfectly normal picture into Belajo’s garden on first glance is actually evidence that her windows were too clean. The slightly smudged bit you see? The imprint Gógógó left on her door when trying to walk right through it.

And last but not least, the long overdue slap, 2 years in the making, finally happened.

Once again, thanks to our amazing hosts Belajo and Ekofire. You two went out of your way to make this meet up absolutely epic. <3