New to the guild?

This article was last updated on: Saturday, October 13th 2018

Whenever a new member joins us, the same questions regularly pop up. So I decided to create this little tutorial to introduce you to the basics.

Game Basics

Guilds give you perks and special rewards. Perks automatically come with you joining the guild, while rewards become available as you gain reputation with the guild. Rewards also have to be unlocked by the guild, in order for members with enough reputation to purchase them, usually via guild achievements that can only be completed in guild groups. You can see which rewards are available to you by talking to the guild vendor located in major cities.

Guild reputation gain happens automatically with everything you do by just playing the game, however, there are items that will increase such reputation gain, available from the guild vendor.

If you are not familiar with the guild functions in game, or wish to look up details on guild reputation, perks, rewards, the guild interface, and much more, please check out this complete guide on Wowhead.

Guild Events

I have not yet found an article on Wowhead that would suit as a guide for what I feel needs to be here, so I guess  I will be writing my own.  Submission to Wowhead may happen in the future, for now just a short summary of the bit specific to our needs.

  • Guild events can be created by anyone in the guild, but should be coordinated with an officer so they do not clash with regular events.
  • Guild events will be visible to anyone in the guild who fits the requirements for the event.
  • The creator of the event can put additional information and requirements into a text field, can set a minimum level or item level, depending on the type of event. Guild members can then sign up for the event.
  • The creator of the event as well as anyone they appoint assistant can set the invite status for the signed up members.
  • The creator can use the invite button on the calendar event to invite all confirmed and tentative sign ups.

We allow people to create their own guild events provided they coordinate it with an officer first.
If you do sign up for an event, please be there, or get in touch with the creator of the event to let them know you are not coming. If you are not sure you can be there, but will try, sign as tentative.

Check the calendar in game regularly for any kind of guild events, and if you don’t find what you need, have the courage to make your own. 🙂


TeamSpeak is proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) software for audio communication between users on a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call. Users typically use headphones with a microphone. The client software connects to a TeamSpeak server of the user’s choice, from which the user may join chat channels.

We use TeamSpeak3, and sooner or later you will need it, along with a headset. Trust us, we know things. If you are not the proud owner of a headset yet, and are unsure what type of headset you need, please ask on guild chat. Chances are, someone can advise you on something that will give you clear sound, us no static noise or feedback, at a still reasonable price range. You can download the TeamSpeak client appropriate for your system from TeamSpeak’s download page.

We mostly use TeamSpeak for coordinating raids, occasionally also for dungeons, when members are still unsure about tactics. We also use it to socialise, chit chat, hang out together, plan spontaneous events, etc. So if guild chat is stunningly quiet while many people are online, we may just be hanging out on TeamSpeak. Join us. You can find the access to our TeamSpeak server in the guild info in game.

Guild Ranks

Queen Bee
founder and owner of Geeks United
GM alt
alts of Gummibärchen
the council of infinite wisdom
bravely fought many a battle for the guild
any soul brave enough to live through our recruit phase
friend of the guild with their main elsewhere
Hey you, yes, you! The new recruit! You probably wonder how you get promoted, don’t you? It’s actually quite easy. Socialise with your guildmates. Make sure they get to know you. We are a social guild after all. And we make those members, who act like members, after a short phase of getting to know each other.
The Donald rank is a joke rank that refers to the character Donald in the webcomic Dark Legacy Comics. People who act incredibly stupid or annoying may temporarily be demoted to Donald. This rank can not talk on guild chat.

Anything else you would like added to this tutorial? Leave a comment! 🙂