What are your recruitment requirements?

Your character’s level or gear, your experience in the game, none of this matters much to us. What we are looking for is a personality that fits in. A sense of humour matters more to us than ilvl. Most of us are age 35+, and we are comfortable in that age range. This does not mean we won’t invite you, if you are younger, if we feel you will fit in. Our minimum age is 18. We only make exceptions for family members of guildies.

How active do I have to be?

Since we are a social/casual guild, how active you are is entirely up to you. The only thing we ask of you is that you contact an officer if you go on a longer break (3 months or longer) without logging on, so people don’t start to worry about you.

Do you raid?

Yes we do, albeit very casually. We currently have one social raid day a week (Wednesday) where everyone with the appropriate ilvl can sign up, and two days a week (Thursday and Sunday) to push for progress in a group assembled from a pool of dedicated progress raiders. To join the progress raiders you must have joined us in one of the social raids at least once. If your performance is good enough, there is a chance you will be able to join the progress raiders. Progress raiders can sign up for the raids via the ingame calendar, but there is no obligation to do so. You raid when you can, you don’t, when you can’t.

What other guild activities can I join?

Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons, bonus events, world quest farming, old dungeon and raid achievements, battlegrounds – our calendar is full of guild events. You can participate by simply signing up for them on the calendar or even create your own events after talking them over with an officer.

You can also join the additional guild chat channels (mythic+, raid, social events and levelling) to find people who want to run the same activities as you.

How are the chat channels organised?

We have a variety of chats for a variety of activities. For a more in depth tutorial on how to use them, please check this tutorial.

How do I move up in guild rank?

There is no system set in stone on how we promote people. Basically, you get promoted when people are familiar and comfortable with you. Tip: People get to know you fastest, if you interact with them. Usually you will be recruit for about a month, to give us enough time to get to know each other. If you are not promoted after a month in the guild, poke Tanja for a chat.

Where do your real life meet ups take place?

We try to take turns. Usually one of us volunteers to be the host for that year, and that’s where we all stay. Considering we have members from Germany, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal and several other countries, it genuinely may be anywhere within Europe. Maybe even at your place, if you volunteer to host.

Can I deposit into and withdraw from the guild bank?

Please only deposit items according to the guild bank tab info into tab 1. If you are unsure if an item should be put in the guild bank, ask one of the guild officers. You can withdraw anything you have the access to, if you need it, but please read the description on the guild bank tab first. If you see something you need in any of the tabs you have no access to, talk to an officer.

Why is there a humanoid skull in the guild bank?

We’re glad you asked. If you have seen the skull, you obviously already joined the guild, which means it’s too late for your soul. Mwahahahaha! The skull is where we store the souls of all our members. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. 😉