As WoD comes to an end…

There is some time for reminiscence.

We started raiding really late in the expansion, and our goal was to see if we could finish HFC on normal before the release of Legion. In the beginning we struggled to have a complete raid team, but thanks to our friends from Die Schwarze Legende, we had the backup we needed to gear a few more folks up, so that by January 2016 we finally had a core raid team that stood a chance.

Little did we know that we not only would clear HFC on normal, but also on heroic, before the end of the current expansion. I am incredibly proud of all of the raid team for not only having managed to clear on heroic, but for also having the carrying power to boost our social members through getting the mount from Archi.

This is the most we have ever progressed, and I dare say for a social guild we were doing exceptionally well.

So what else happened during WoD?

New members joined, old members returned, we had a real life guild meetup that was tons of fun and got people to get to know each other even better, and we grew more into family than we had already been.

Now we are sitting around, waiting for the Legion release. This is the time to recruit new members, and recruiting we do. And then let’s see what Legion brings.

Iskar and Zakuun down!

After the changes and tweaks to our raiding, it appears to be paying off well. On Thursday we had new people trying out for the raid team, plenty of the newer team members were able to gear up some more, and this Sunday we managed to neatly take down Iskar after a few practice runs on tactics.

For good measure, and because we had time left, we decided to kill Zakuun LFR style, and did. Ask the raid team, if they want to tell you just how LFR we made it feel. 😉

All in all a very successful week for Geeks United.

image courtesy of Meheh

(screenshot courtesy of Meheh, showing Meheh and Gummibärchen)

New and shiny!

Hello Geeks!

Welcome to our new and shiny website. Fred has put in loads of work to put this thing together, and I think it turned out amazing. So what does the new webbie give you? Aside from the static pages regarding our FAQ, raiding, useful links, etc, you have a full social widget, which functions much like Facebook. You can add people as friends, you can join groups, you have a timeline your friends can see.

And now the actual news!

We have decided on a second raid day. From now on we will raid on Thursdays in addition to Sundays. Our raid team has been improving massively the last few weeks, and we want to push forward a bit now. Socials and casuals are still always welcome to sign up for the raids.

For those slow pokes of you who haven’t seen it yet, we have set a date and location for the 2016 real life guild meeting. Details will be announced in the guild group on this very website.

And as always: A warm welcome to the new members. May your socks always be fluffy!

P.S.: After you register, you will receive a friend request from Tanja. Please accept, so you can be added to the appropriate groups. Thanks. 🙂