Welcome to Geeks United!

We are a social/casual Alliance guild on EU Quel’Thalas/Azjol-Nerub, that has been around since 2007. Over the years several raiding guilds have formed out of former members of our guild. While we did not raid in every expansion, we do try a very casual progress that suits our members’ real life schedules. Our earliest raid as a guild was Karazhan, and in WoD we managed to finish HFC on heroic despite a very late start. In Legion we took a more relaxed approach and only raided one day a week, clearing all raids on at least normal, some on heroic. We are currently recruiting more progress oriented raiders to join our heroic raid team for BfA and future expansions. We have social raids open for all on Wednesdays, and progress raids for our progress team twice a week, Thursday and Sunday, with no mandatory attendance for anyone, but sign ups via the calendar.

What type of people will you find in Geeks United? Most of our members are age 35+, some (the GM included) in our 40s, and we are no stranger to members age 50+, either. We occasionally jokingly refer to ourselves as “the old folks home” and are raising our first guild grandchild to turn into a third generation WoW Geek. Some of us have strange work schedules, so while you may occasionally find a lot of people online at the same time, at others times it can get a bit more quiet on guild chat. We generally try to do things together though, whether it is farming world quests, running mythics, raiding or just terrorizing Boralus with our toy collections.

What are we looking for? Mature people with a childish sense of humour, and if you find this to be a contradiction, we fart in your general direction (cheese points to those who get the reference). We do try to get to know each other on a more personal level, and personally fitting in means a lot to us. This means you must bring an understanding for the parent who has to put their kids to bed before a raid, or the shift worker tanks, who share one tanking spot, or the way too chatty grandmother.

What do you get in return? A core of people who have loads of experience playing this game for fun, not for a job, and who help each other out without weighing who gave how much. Guild chats about Schroedinger’s Cat, crawling through mud for a living and expressed frustration over the oncoming turtle overpopulation. A Discord server to hang out on and get to know each other better. A yearly real life guild meetup, hosted by members taking turns.

If you want to give us a try, contact our GM on Gummibärchen-QuelThalas or battle tag Mahakali#2833.